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Furniture, functional objects and interior elements for the new age - from Detroit.

'Etagere No. 1' by Alex Drew & No One.jpg
Alex Rosenhaus and Drew Arrison of Alex Drew & No One with 'Etagere No.1'.'New York's power is in its buzz, not space, and we really needed space. Moving to Detroit freed us in a way New York, or any where else for that matter, couldn't. Mo copy.jpg

Forward Thinking Furniture


We are purveyors of bespoke and limited edition furniture, lighting and functional design thoughtfully crafted in Detroit for the global market.

We work with a diverse network of studio designers and local fabricators to produce and exhibit distinctive design. We are focused on the ever-changing wants and needs of contemporary living and expanding the rich design legacy of Detroit.

Invigorate your space with our bespoke design, trust us: “NEXT:SPACE is the de facto contemporary design guru of Detroit.” - Architectural Digest

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“The Legacy Issue” | NEXT:SPACE recently worked with SURFACE and Detroit-based filmmaker Charles William Kelly to produce “Detroit: City of The Past, City of Tomorrow” a short film and article examining Detroit’s design legacy past and present for the May 2019 issue of SURFACE. READ MORE>>