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Paula Schubatis :


"I like pretty things, we all like pretty things. A woman should always surround herself with beauty. Ignorance is wisdom, vanity is bliss" - PS

Paula Schubatis is a Detroit-based painter, textile artist and designer who explores the potential of unconventional, overlooked or wasted, materials in creating elevated design objects.

After earning her BFA in 2013 from the University of Michigan Stamps School of Art and Design, Paula explored the conceptual and performative aspects of art through many residency programs in Detroit and abroad including: Red Bull House of Art Detroit Cycle 6, The Atelier House, Hilmseln, Germany and Arusha Meru International School, Arusha, Tanzania.

Paula's practice is driven by her passion for the performative and ceremonial aspect of design and art making as well as the ritual of utilizing functional objects in everyday life. Her work takes on beautiful, painterly, ethereal forms but is often a good-natured poke at traditional notions of style/taste, form and function.

Paula's design work is featured in her eponymous paulaschubatis line which consists of wearable garments and lifestyle objects, the two of which often intersect - function in the paulaschubatis stratosphere takes on a serious, but actively evolving role as the wearer/user invent new ways to engage with an object based on its tactility and form.

paulaschubatis lines include finely handwoven, rag rugs in wild yet sophisticated color palettes, THE pillow - a clear PVC and styrofoam pillow with nothing to hide, convertible throw blankets that become fabulous coats with the simple shrug of a shoulder, and hand-dyed and/or hand woven upholstery fabrics for bespoke furniture coverings and more.

NEXT:SPACE represents the paulaschubatis Lifestyle Object collections and works with Paula Schubatis to develop limited edition collections of objects and furniture in partnership with other designers and custom commission work for private and public spaces.

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AQUATIC RUIN ZONE RUG. Photo by Heather Saunders

AQUATIC RUIN ZONE RUG. Photo by Heather Saunders