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Patrick Ethen : 

"My work with light started as a way to study the influence of time on a system. Ideas related to rhythm and motion shifted into more human-centric notions like pattern and memory, and now mesmerization- all accessible through networks of electrical components."

- PE

Patrick Ethen is a Detroit-based artist and designer who works with light as his primary medium. Exploring the role of handcrafted objects in the digital age, Ethen uses meticulously wired arrays of light to create mesmerizing installations which envelop the viewer in a meditative, immersive aura which feels simultaneously human and artificial. Describing his practice as a sort of “pseudo-spiritual, psychedelic techno-futuristic experience,” Ethen’s work is a commentary on the role of technology and its influence on society.

NEXT:SPACE works with Patrick Ethen to develop bespoke architectural elements that activate spaces and engage viewers with their luminescent energy. We also offer light-based objects from his personal collection.

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