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What is the Future of Furniture? PART I

What is the future of furniture? If you are looking for answers, you have arrived at the wrong destination.

We can only imagine what the future of furniture will be. But we know what drives the evolution of design — the shifts that push us to re-evaluate the functional objects we bring into our world. The cycle of industry and technology, new demands on function, shifting perceptions of space: environmentally, culturally, communally, domestically, personally…

For our 2019/2020 exhibition series, we present designers, works, and ideas that explore different aspects of these foundational shifts. Examining the possibilities of what the future of furniture could be.

So, we will be presenting you with more questions than answers!

All these questions are embodied within the beautiful, provoking innovative furniture and objects curated for each part in the series. Truly collectible design that represents today’s hope for a brighter future.

Here is to a new season of forward thinking furniture.


We examine prototypes and objects from Cody Norman and Alanis McNier and a transmuting environment from zuckerhosen.

Challenge your assumptions of defining space, tactility, and just what robots have to do with hand craftsmanship.