Colin Tury photography: Ali Lapetina

Colin Tury photography: Ali Lapetina

Colin Tury :


"A story can happen just by bringing two materials together in an interesting way..."  - CT

Colin Tury is a Detroit-based artist, designer and founder of an eponymous line focused on the development of furniture and lighting. Colin's practice is driven by his passion for creating narratives through material juxtaposition. Carefully creating furniture and lighting as meditations on material and process, Colin's approach activates the inherent qualities of each material to present thoughtful and striking, yet simple design.   

Colin's design approach has been influenced by his experience earning a BFA from College For Creative Studies, Detroit, MI -  where he studied Craft Furniture/Industrial Design -  and an MFA in Furniture Design from Herron School of Art and Design, Indianapolis IN. Through his education and many years of working as an artist and industrial designer, Colin has developed a keen sensibility for materials and form.

Colin believes that the objects we surround ourselves with should create ceremony to our lifestyle. Admiring and utilizing furniture and objects - incorporating them into our lives - is a ritual that helps us realize the vision for our space as an extension of our self.  In keeping with this philosophy, for Colin, design is a gesture of his emotion and attitude as much as a material exploration.

NEXT:SPACE is a retail platform for custom orders of Colin Tury furniture and lighting.

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Photo Credits: Bowden Pendant Brass - Ali Lapetina, Fairfax Lounge Details - Brian Bilicki, Fairfax Lounge + Pendants - Heather Saunders.