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Chad Wentzel :

Chad Wentzel MADE

"I love the feeling of walking into a fantastically designed room, it is exciting to be a part of that as a designer. In my new collection, I am opening myself to experimentation - exploring the concept of color as a way to create new objects."  - CW

Chad Wentzel is an artist and designer, born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. He now lives and works in Detroit.  With a love of craft traditions, an attention to detail, and a deep curiosity about mysticism and the psychedelic- the works in Chad's collections provide beauty for the grown up hippy who still burns sage while enjoying life's finer things.

Wentzel's work takes on vibrant, effortless forms. Appealing to both the minimalist and maximalist, designs such as the Lasso Light exude sophistication and whimsy.

NEXT:SPACE is a retailer of lighting and decorative objects in the Chad Wentzel MADE collection, and also works with Chad to develop custom pieces based on the Chad Wentzel aesthetic and approach to materials.

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