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Brian DuBois :


" I am driven by the creative aspects of bringing ideas to life and the challenge of finding the right balance between design/function/fabrication to create a product truly exceptional in both utility and form."  - BD

Brian DuBois has more than 15 years of experience working with architecture and design firms, exhibit houses and private design clients. Brian is the founder and principal of BRIAN DUBOIS ATELIER, a metro-Detroit based fabrication and design studio specializing in bespoke furniture, architectural elements and sculptural installations.

Brian has been working as an independent designer and fabricator since graduating from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Architecture in 1999 and, in 2009, sought to further his education and expand his creative practice at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. Brian's thesis work focused on emphasizing the utilitarian qualities of materials to create beautifully formed and crafted furniture.

Brian's work at Cranbrook earned him two grants, a prestigious Florence Knoll Scholarship, a spot in the 2010-11 Cranbrook Chair exhibition and, in 2011, an M.F.A in furniture design. With his thesis work, Brian launched the first line of the DuBois Collection, which is exclusively produced by BRIAN DUBOIS ATELIER and features fine furniture, lighting and objects designed to be versatile in form and function.

Through DuBois Collection, Brian embraces a dynamic design approach, focusing on how we engage with the furniture and objects around us. Often through the juxtaposition of materials,  Brian's furniture and  objects are beautiful forms that quietly fulfill a multitude of functions - subtly emphasizing the utilitarian qualities of each design element .

With a focus on multi-functional design, each series of the DuBois Collection is designed for size, material or color customization to meet your specific design needs and enhance your space.

NEXT:SPACE is a retailer of DuBois Collection lines, working with clients to customize DuBois Collection furniture and architectural elements to best enhance their space for versatile and progressive living.

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