Detroit City of Design Summit 2017



Yesterday we were one of over 300 businesses, organizations, and individuals participating in the Detroit Design Summit hosted by the Detroit Creative Corridor Center. And we are so honored and thrilled to have been part of such an important event with so many amazing people.

For those of you who were not able to be there... we just want to take a moment to remind you DESIGN IS IMPORTANT!

Design is important as a tool for progress and change, as a cultural force capable of bringing people together through its creation, appreciation and use. Remember that everything in our world is designed, our experience of reality is through design. And good design is not just about aesthetics or beauty or even utility but about expanding the horizons of how we live in this world. As a UNESCO City of Design Detroit has the opportunity to show the world just how much those horizons can grow, to include and uplift everyone as people, as a community.

NEXT:SPACE is committed to developing a strong sector of furniture and object design to empower our local designers, share their iconic designs and show how innovative design can help shape new ways of living...for the better. Also, Detroit Creative Corridor Center,  thank you for creating these amazing posters as a reminder of the power of design ❤️