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Andrew Ward :

Line Studio 

"I am inspired by the potential of concrete as a material for change. For example, the history of Albert Kahn’s board form concrete factories ... how concrete was used in these structures as a tool of architectural, social and economic innovation really drives what we do today" - AW

Andrew Ward is a metro-Detroit based artist and craftsman specializing in cast concrete furniture, objects and architectural elements. Andrew and his wife, Jessica Smigels, founded Line Studio in 2013 after moving to Detroit from Asheville, North Carolina.

Andrew, an Illinois native, began his creative career as a fine artist,  studying painting and completing a comprehensive 7-year study of Mandala Design. During his time in North Carolina, Andrew discovered the craft of concrete casting which he quickly mastered and continues to hone into an art form. Andrew's passion for working with concrete stems not only from its fluid nature but also it's potential for inspiring progress and change - the significant role of concrete in the industrial, social and economic growth of the 20th century drives Andrew's approach today.

Andrew's practice is driven by the endless potential of the material he works with, always experimenting with new forms and casting methods. Andrew has designed and executed a number of significant projects around the city of Detroit, from the bars and architectural elements at several popular Detroit restaurants, such as the Huron Room, to bespoke furniture for upscale office spaces, such as a custom desk for the Detroit offices of Neumann Smith, and many custom commissions for private spaces such as fireplace mantles and dining tables.

NEXT:SPACE is a retail platform for Line Studio collections of residential furniture and small objects. We also work with Line Studio on custom commission projects for private and commercial spaces.

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